Some of the services we offer:

British Cycling’s M-Check

To assess the overall roadworthiness of your bike from top to bottom – checking for any safety issues and signs of wear.

Hopefully your bike will be in a good state of health but if not, we will let you know of any problems we find and give you advice on the work required to make your bike safe. £15.00 per cycle.

It is vital to keep your bike well maintained to ensure your and others safety on the road. Cliff Edge Cycles are able to offer regular servicing to help you keep your bike running smoothly and efficiently.

It is good practice to check your bike over before you embark on any journey.

All the above services are excluding parts. 

Due to the wide range of parts available to suit all bikes and budgets, we will not fit any new parts or undertake any work, above or beyond the original and agreement made at our initial booking/meeting.

Unless you the customer have been contacted and your consent has been formally given.

New bike build

Bike Wash

Bike Wash & Gear Degrease

Gear/chain Degrease and Lube

Bottom Bracket Serviced/Replaced

Brake Adjust

Brakes F+R Serviced (inc inner cable)

Chain Fitted

Crank Chainset Removed/Refitted

Fit Basket/Luggage Rack

Fit Handlebar Grips

Fit Handlebar Tape

Fix Puncture or New Inner Tube





from £16.00 









Fit New Tyre

Fit Pedals

Fit Sludge Puncture Protection

Gear Cable Replaced and Adjusted

Gears Serviced inc Cables x2

Headset Service A Head/ Cup and Cone

Wheel Hub Service

Hydraulic Brake Service inc Bleed

Replace Gear Shifters/Selectors

Wheel True from

1 Hours Labour 

Bike Prepaired For Travel Bag/Box

Delivery Over 10 miles, per mile.. please enquire


£ 4.00 

from  £4.00 

from £9.00 




(each) £18.00